MBNOG Looking Glass 2.0

... so popular we revamped it!

We now have a shiny new BGP Looking Glass! MBNOG Looking Glass 2.0 was launched just today. This new looking glass is based on the exact same one that NLNOG runs on the NLNOG Ring Looking Glass, which is using a brand new BGP Looking Glass API in OpenBSD 7.2 to pull live routing information without having to scrape. Because OpenBSD’s looking glass is so “defacto” and supports really useful things like source-as and detail as, we are also making the backend OpenBSD looking glass available directly as well at lg2. [Read More]

MBNOG Looking Glass

... and so it begins

Our initial alpha form of the MBNOG Looking Glass was announced to the local network operator community via a post on the MBIX-tech mailing list.

This resulted in a couple more peers, and enough interest to continue on with this idea.

If you run a network with full or partial routes (more than default only) MBNOG wants to peer with you. More information is available on the Looking Glass page.