Beta Meeting Success

The Manitoba Network Operators Group held its first meeting last night, with 9 people attending, representing at least 12 ASNs.

We chose to number the meeting 0 for several reasons:

  1. Arrays always start at 0
  2. This meeting was a beta test
  3. So our first full MBNOG meeting will be 1

Universal support for the idea of a Manitoban Network Operator Group was heard from everyone at the table (as well as others who could not make it due to the short notice – sorry, next meeting will have more notice). Several (mini) presentations were given:

  • Theo Baschak - MBNOG Looking Glass
  • Jonathan Stewart - RFC 1925
  • Jonathan Stewart - Review of Google IPv6 growth stats

Attendees liked the format of what had been presented, and felt comfortable enough to discuss additional topics they had interest in seeing covered, or would be interested in presenting on. This should prevent the presentations from all being from Theo and Jonathan. :-)

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